Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Playing Catch-up!

The whole last month has been filled with Jewish holidays. Lots of cooking, eating, praying, and guests, but not much sewing. The whole time I have been watching Lori's mystery sew-along at Humble Quilts  and drooling over the adorable little quilts being made. So when the holidays ended, I charged right in to the project. Got all my fabrics cut and started sewing. Here is my first block!

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Friday Finish

Yes, I've been a bad blogger. AWOL since May! I guess sometimes Life just takes over...we had illness in the family, marriages in the family (two granddaughters), lots of travel, and some needed changes in lifestyle (exercise, diet, meditation). But all in all, things have been good!

It's been such a busy year, I've only been able to work on small projects, and I've really come to enjoy them. No room left in the house for any more bed quilts anyways. And it's so nice to actually finish things! Next time I'll post some pics of the adorable little quilts I've made.

Thanks for your patience while I've been away.

Have a restful weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2015

On my design wall

Yes, there is a new grandbaby on the way. And no, they haven't told me if it's a boy or a girl. But I had a big basket of pink scraps that volunteered to be made into a baby quilt. So that's what I was busy with this week!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

Not long ago, I signed up for the Monthly Mini program at Temecula Quilt Company. The kit for my first little quilt arrived a week later, which I thought was really fast, as it had to get here by mail and then pass through the Israeli Customs inspection.  So a week was great!

The first mini is called Brown Baskets, and that's exactly what it is. I've been having a good time making these little baskets, and especially the handles.  I like sewing  the handles with needle-turn applique; it's slow and relaxing. I have just one more handle to applique, and as we need to go to a government office today (lots of sitting and waiting) I think I'll just take it along. And maybe I'll take along something else to work on as well...you never know how long these things will take.
Have a great Sunday! Enjoy the Spring weather, if that's what's happening in your area, and sew something slow!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Binding on!

A little hard to believe, but I pieced the top for this quilt in 2013. Had lots of strips left over from making my Scrappy Trips Around the World, and this was the perfect quilt to use them up.  The finished top languished in the UFO pile for two years,  as I pondered how to quilt it. This is one busy quilt! Finally I decided to do some simple straight lines on the sawtooth borders and to stipple everything else, because nothing would show on the busy areas anyway. Finished quilting, added binding, and voila! A new bed quilt to celebrate Spring!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

On my design floor

Time to go through the scrap bins and use up some "uglies"!

Monday, February 16, 2015

On retreat

I'm up in the north of Israel, attending a spiritual retreat for women. We'll do yoga, paint with watercolors, play music, hike, and eat vegetarian food. In my free time I'll visit with my daughter Menucha, who is in school here, and work on the two small hand quilting projects I brought along.
Last night I ate out at a charming little French bistro type of place. All I had was a humble bowl of lentil soup with some toasted sourdough bread. It was a simple meal, but eminently satisfying. I slept in a charming little room at my friend's bed & breakfast...hot water bottle included.
The retreat begins today. Am looking forward to what the day will bring.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This didn't take the whole day. But it sure did feel like it did!
I have wanted to make Swoon by Camille Roskelley since the pattern first came out. It's all over the Blogosphere, and people everywhere have made it. But not me! I was a little bit put off by the number of pieces in the block, and wasn't sure I would be able to put it together the right way. Listen, when all you do is really simple scrap quilting, precision is no longer in your vocabulary. I bought Camille's course on Craftsy, to learn how to make this quilt. But the main thing I picked up from the course was: cut accurately, sew accurately--if you make a mistake, you won't have enough fabric to make the quilt. For a bumbler like myself, this was enough to scare me off it for life. 
Then one day while I was looking at Flickr, I noticed that there was such a thing as a Mini Swoon. Now that was something I could take a chance on! No major investment of time or fabric, and it would be easier on my nerves that making the full-sized quilt. And I had a layer cake of Ruby to work with. So I finally got up the guts, and here it is: block 1. Now that wasn't so bad, was it? 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Notes from our meeting

Our last quilt meeting started off with a bang. Even before all the ladies got to the meeting, Rochel had already pulled out her show and tell. She was so excited about what she had made that she couldn't wait to show it off! A beautiful hexie project, made from some remnants of decorator fabric that Jolie passed along. Amazing what can be made from leftovers! 

 The ladies start to arrive. Finally, everyone finds a seat and we call the meeting to order. First we have Racheli, a brand new member! Racheli is 11 years old. She is Raizel's neighbor. Raizel has been teaching Racheli to quilt. She's brought a whole bag of things to show...she starts to unpack her stuff...wait for it!
 First on the agenda...a finished pink and white doll quilt. Absolutely darling.
 Next, another doll quilt, made from fabric remnants. This is all hand pieced. Racheli is a first-time sewer. We are all in awe!
 But it gets BETTER! Racheli passes around her pink and white quilt. She's machine quilted it!
 And the piece de resistance...a collaborative quilt by Raizel and Racheli. Beautiful HSTs, laid out in a zig-zag pattern, obviously from scraps. Some of the triangles are pieced. This team obviously has a great sense of color, and they really know how to "make do".

Raizel has brought a finished quilt of her own. She used very soft vintage fabrics to make the top.

And the back is a very soft fleece. Some grandchild is going to be very happy with this one.

 Bracha has been hard at work as always. She found some darling Elmo fabric (sorry I didn't take a close-up of it, you're just going to have to trust me on this one) and used it to make a really great 9 patch baby quilt. I love the black sashing between the squares.
 A simple but effective back.
 Some leftover Elmo fabric was put to good use as a little doll quilt.
 But wait--there's more. Bracha always has lots to show us. A 4-patch with OWLS!
 Time to pack up and go. Racheli has all her projects back in her bag. She's sitting patiently and waiting for the meeting to be over. I hope she'll come back again next time. She's already a great quilter and a wonderful addition to our group!